We are providing you with an opportunity to catch up with the latest mobile e-commerce trend

We want to give you a multi-platform e-commerce app. Creating more opportunities to interact with customers and giving them the satisfaction they need.

Stylish Designs

We provide a back-end system for you to change the layout of your App at anytime. You can customize your app to have an exclusive design feel for both iOS and Android.

Support various payment methods

We offer a wide range of international payment methods for your customers to ensure a faster and safer way to checkout online. After your customer has made a purchase, we will transfer the money to your bank account within 3 working days.

Staying connected

Social media has a strong influence on your consumers, changing advertising in ways which we have never seen before. It is important to stay connected to different online platforms. Therefore, we are providing you with a variety of mediums to promote and publish your products.

Check your status. At anytime, anywhere

Reliability – Our content management system comprises of effective tools that presents full and accurate transaction records and statistics. It allows you the freedom to make modifications to your APP store’s system and product information.

Minimal investment, maximum returns

Development fee 2,500 HKD + monthly fee 80 HKD

Offering 30 free professional designed product images to help you on the way of opening your own online store. You will only pay for the development fee after your app is ready to be launched. No service fee will be charged for the first year.

  • Amazon cloud hosting
  • Unlimited product upload
  • Unlimited product categories
  • Each transaction with handling fee as low as just 0.3%
  • APP updates will immediately notify all customers