Customer Support

1. Click “Home” and enter user’s mall.

2. Keep products (After that according to your needs, you could choose “Buy now”, “Add to cart” or press the star symbol to keep the product)

Search Function

1. Click “Search” and enter product search page.

2. Enter product name, and related results would appear

Products Categorizing Function

1. Click “Product Category” and enter product category page.

2. Choose you target product list, and you could sort the list by prices, sales and number of people who keep the product.

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1. If you have already added the item into your shopping cart, after choosing the item and quantity, you could choose “Proceed to payment” or “Delete item”, click “Proceed to payment” and continue your buying process.

2. After you click “Proceed to payment”, you would enter the order form page, fill in receiver information and check payment detail. If everything is correct, click “Payment”.

3. After confirming order detail, you could choose different payment methods to complete your purchase.

Payment (Payment Success)

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1. Set up your main page

2. Address management page

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Login to back-end please click here

Login and change your password

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Mall management > My Mall > Bank information

Mall management > My Mall > Edit

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Mall management > Type management: Shop type/ Product category

Back-end manager could change shop type and add/reduce different product categories freely.

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Mall management > Merchant/User/Mall income (Show income detail)

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Shop management > add shop

Click “Enter” after user filled in all required detail

User could set delivery address and manage delivery fee at “Shop Management” page.

Seller could set delivery regions.

In “Delivery Fee Management” page, you could set if the buyer needs to pay for delivery fee themselves, and set the amount of free delivery fee for each order.

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Products Management > Products Management Full List

Pick shop and related products number at shop list

Manage stock: Key in positive numbers to add product stock, key in negative numbers to minus stock. Click “Update Stock” button to save the changes. On-shelves / Off-shelves: Choose if the product will show up in the APP for purchase.

Users could check stock edit record anytime (edit time, amount and user)

Products Management > Stock Edit Record

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Products Management > Edit Products

Product descriptions

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Order Management > Order List (Search order according to time, shops, order status, and product category)

Order Management > Check order: (Check order payment status)

Order Management > Sales record: (Show all sales record)

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Under “Order Management”, there are different features for user to check the order status of their mall, including:

1. User could choose different category and check sales status of products from the category. (Order Management > Check the list according to “Statistic tag”)

2. User could view complete settlement report of each shops (Order Management > Order Settlement Report)

3. Show all dispatch routes and related logistic information (Order Management > Order Dispatch List)

4. Show all dispatch route logistic information with price (Order Management > Order Dispatch List (Price)

User could pick different products to check their sales condition

Settlement information of each shop

All dispatch route related logistic information (Including receiver, receiver’s province and city)

All dispatch route related logistic information with price.

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User could edit through the feature under “Mall Settings”

1. Page scrolling product advertisement content (Mall Settings > Ads Management)

2. Product promotion ads content (Mall Settings > Mall Recommendation)

Page scrolling

Click “Add Ads” to add new ads information, click “Edit/Close” to change ads information.

Promote products

Edit and add the detail of products to promote

Promote type: Choose product type

Keyword : Enter product ID

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User could use below features in “Mall Settings” to:

1. Change contact method of the mall (Mall Settings > Contact the Mall)

2. Customize FQA for you shop (Mall Settings/ Q & A)

3. Set searchable keywords for products (Mall Settings > Keywords)

4. Set order limit for the mall, and show reminder when orders existed mall handling capability. (Mall Settings > Mall order limit Settings)

5. Set category code and category name for product logistic. (Mall Settings > Product logistic category management)

6. Show all statistic tag and categorize data (Mall Settings > Product Statistic Tag List)

7. Edit products in “Go Shopping” (Mall Settings > “Go Shopping” – edit products)

Contact the Mall


Put in frequently asked questions in the question column

Put in your answer for the question you wish to show

Product keyword

Set searchable keywords for products in your APP, must be two words or more

Order limit

Product logistic category management

Product Statistic Tag List

Edit products in “Go Shopping”

Recommended category : Choose product type

Keyword: Fill in product ID

Click to upload product image

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Mall Settings > Android Coding Set Up

Users only need to fill in required information and upload related images, after scanning payment QR code, you could publish your APP immediately.

APP name: Edit the name of your APP

Title for About page:Edit the title of your APP’s about page

APP description:Edit your APP description

APP category :Choose the major category of your on-shelf products

Coding status:Check current coding process of your APP

App / Download Address: Click to download the APP or Click and scan QR code to download the APP

Publish Status: Check the publishing process of your APP

Icon(72*72 ):Edit icon, as shown in image 2-A

Home page logo (125*70):Edit home page logo, as shown in image 2-B

About page icon:Edit page icon, as shown in image 2-C

Welcome page background image:Edit welcome page background image, as shown in image 2-D

APP icon :Edit user APP’s content image, as shown in 2-E

Save – and submit APP – Publish:

Follow the order “Save – Submit APP – Publish” to complete the coding and publishing process

2-A edit icon

2-B edit homepage logo

2-C edit about page icon

2-D edit welcome page background image

2-E edit content image

Submit completed APP

Save related information, click “Create APP” and continue to payment with several payment channels for user to choose.

Scan payment QR code

Click “Create Order Invoice”, payment QR code will appear. Use PP Android to scan the QR code and after payment, system will start coding. When coding complete, you could publish your new APP.

Last step, click “Publish”

Finally, click “Publish” to release the latest version of your APP.

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1. 商家LOGO;App logo

Item Default Size (Length * Width px) Other resolution ratio size (L*W px)
APP icon 72*72 114*114 120*120

2. APP launching page

Item Default Size (Length * Width px) Other resolution ratio size (L*W px)
Welcome page 480*800 320*480 640*1136

3. Product images; our production team will help customers to complete their first product upload, below are size and amount of images. Customer will need to upload on their own after the first time.

Item Default Size (Length * Width px) Amount
Product small icon 150*150 1 image per product
Product big icon 720*420 1 image per product
Ads image 720*285 3 ads images
Product promotion 684*285 1 image per promotion

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According to market research company eMarketer, China has close to 600 million smart phone users, and 71.6% of them spend average 2 hours online per day. This shows that E-commence is also developing rapidly with this trend. Moreover, according to international investment bank Goldman Sachs, they estimated up until 2018, e-commence sales income via mobile device will be reaching 626 billion US dollars worldwide, sales growth will be 3.7 times sales in 2013. Therefore, developing your own APP is the big trend nowadays, as mobile APP could expend your customer community and increase business income and customers’ satisfaction. It has other advantages too, which are very valuable for small and medium enterprises.

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Our Mobile Mall APP supports: Android APPs – Sumsung, Google, HTC device, etc. iOS APPs – Apple operation system includes iPhone and iPad.

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In order to allow merchants to operate our mall smoothly, freely and be reliable, we provide full back-end features, including Mall Management, Order Management, etc, 8 very useful features. Therefore, you could login to the back-end system and check on your mall anytime. According to sales condition, you could also change the content of the APP freely to suit your needs, and changing mall content is free. If you wish to make change in other areas apart from the content, please contact us and we will develop an APP for merchants. (If with other specific requirements, merchants may need to pay extra fees.)

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When your enterprise released a mall APP, user could download it to their smart phone and interact with your business. They could try different features through this exclusive APP of the merchant, from the simplest thing like looking for your company phone number, latest news (offers), to more complex thing like submit order or send messages to customer service department.

Through PP Android, you could create your own mall APP, which you could have your own exclusive design, with our full back-end system. Merchant will be able to interact with their customers directly, and through these features, merchant has greater space for the interactions. It allows them to update latest products information to their customers more conveniently and accurately, which could increase customers’ satisfaction and draw more attention to the brand.

Moreover, with your own mall APP, merchant will be able to participate more in social media, to increase efficiency. You could post and promote about your business on these media, and customers could also post about your news and mall APP through different social media channels, acting as a marketing agency for the brand, to increase marketing promotion and income at the same time. This will benefit Small and Medium Enterprises in many ways.

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Our PP Android provide Mall APP store, all merchants’ APP can be found in the store, and we also provide customer sources and sales channel for merchants (For example, 融e购 ICBC Mall or China Mobile). On the other hand, we will also connect different social network, allowing merchants to publish their APP through these channels.

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Our developing fee is not high, only RMB 1988 for develop a Mall APP. Merchant will also needs to pay RMB 69 monthly, which will be paid to Amazon for merchant APP’s cloud storage service. On the other hand, we will also charge very low product handling fees and logistic fees, domestic and overseas transactions will have different charging rate.

(Domestic transaction charge: Product fee x 0.3% + logistic fee x 0.3%)

(Overseas transaction charge: Product fee x 2.65% + logistic fee x 2.65%)

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If merchant failed to pay the fee for over a month, we would freeze the money in their account temporarily or stop providing our T+3 settlement service. If merchant failed to pay the fee for over two months, we would ban their APP in our server.

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We will settle the bill through T+3 format, after confirming the transaction, we will directly transfer the money to merchant’s bank account.

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As each merchant has their own guidelines, therefore if customer found out there’s a problem with the product or they wish to change information after they have paid for the product, they should contact the mall owner who sell the product or customer service department of the mall.

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Merchants could call or email our customer service department

(China) Tel: 4000189929
(Hong Kong) Tel: +85239527088

Or login to to look for related information.

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